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Introduction to User Information

Once a user is set up, the users page is where you can configure features for each user. After selecting the Users tab in the left-hand navigation, you will see a list of your users assigned to phone numbers. You can edit user information and manage user-level features like call forwarding, sharing/monitoring capabilities and station enhancements.

For more information on Adding and Setting up Users, go to this article.

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To add or configure features for a user, select the Actions drop-down menu next to the user you’d like to modify and then select Edit.

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On the User Information page, you can get a snapshot of that user, including the user’s first name, last name and email address. You can also modify the language for all of their email communication, audio announcements and voice prompts.

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Select the User Assignments page for additional information like the phone number, extension, license, Caller ID and Calling Line ID (CLID) First Name and Last Name. When a new user is created, the CLID first and last name are system-generated from the user’s first and last name. Here is where this can be modified.

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Note: Special characters are now supported for the users first and last names but not in the Calling Line ID (CLID) names. Unsupported special characters are removed when the CLID first and last names are generated.

On the User Assignments page, you can also add Alternate Numbers to the user. The Alternate Numbers option enables you to have up to 10 phone numbers ring in to the user. This allows them to audibly differentiate calls coming in from particular numbers. For more information on Alternate Numbers for users, see this guide.

Additionally, from the Edit User window, you can modify the following user-level features:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Devices
  • Mobile and PC Applications
  • Advanced –
    • Calling Permissions
    • Collaborate
    • Hoteling
    • Sharing
    • Monitoring
    • Privacy
    • Barge In
    • Call Recordings
    • Push To Talk