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Home OverviewConfiguring the Executive Call SettingsConfiguring Executive Assistant Call SettingsFeature Access Codesback to topOverview The Executive / Executive Assistant services allow an Executive to select from a pool of Assistants, who have been assigned the Executive Assistant service and who can answer, or place calls on their behalf. Executives can apply filters and set up screening based on call origination. Executives can also assign schedules for when calls should be handled by the designated Assistants. Assistants can set the Call Forward destination as well as choosing to opt-in or out of an Executive’s pool. Take a look at this video to see how this feature can be used in the workplace. Configuring the Executive Call Settings Once the Executive Service has been assigned to an End User in the Calling Admin Portal, the assigned Executive can now log into their Caller Using Portal to configure their new Feature. The first … Read More

Calling User Portal | Block Caller ID for Forwarded Calls

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Home | Enterprise to Webex Calling Phone Firmware Migration IntroductionConfiguring Block my Caller IDback to topIntroduction to Block my Caller ID for Forwarded Calls The Block my Call ID for Forwarded Calls feature allows you to block your phones identify to external parties when receiving a transferred or forwarded call. Callers will see “anonymous” if they have the Connected Line Presentation feature. This feature will not block your identity for internal calls from within your Enterprise or Site. Configuring Block my Caller ID The Block my Caller ID for Forwarded Calls feature can be modified within the Calling User Portal. To access, go to and select the Webex Calling tab. You are routed to the Calling User Portal. See detailed steps for accessing the Calling User Portal here. From the Calling User Portal, click on the Call Settings Page. Then select the Additional Features tab. To enable Block my … Read More

Calling User Portal | Set Up Sequential Ring

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Home | Enterprise to Webex Calling Phone Firmware Migration IntroductionFeature PrerequisitesFeature OperationFeature Set-Upback to topIntroduction Sequential Ring allows you to create a list of up to 5 additional numbers (total of 6) to ring in a specific order when you receive an incoming call. Specific criteria must be assigned to activate this feature. The criteria for each Sequential Ring entry can be calls from any number, a list of up to 12 phone numbers or digit patterns, a specified time schedule, and a specified holiday schedule. Feature Prerequisites Each destination number should be entered as a 10-digit number or an E.264 international number. The timing for how long a destination rings is controlled by a number of rings setting for each destination. The valid range is 2 – 20 rings. At least one criterion under My Rules must be entered to activate the feature. The default criterion is From Any … Read More

Calling User Portal | Get Email Notifications for Calls and Voicemail

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