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  • How do I enable the Simultaneous Ring feature?

    Simultaneous ring is enabled in the Calling User Portal under Call Settings. To learn more about setting up this feature go here.

  • What is Office Anywhere?

    Office Anywhere gives you the ability to direct your phone calls to a specific offsite phone number, as well as the ability to call into the Office Anywhere portal to make outbound calls so that calls appear to be originating from your Calling device. To learn more about Office Anywhere, go here.

  • What is the Business Continuity feature?

    The Business Continuity feature allows you to choose a phone number (other than your office number) where call can be routed in the event your office phone is not reachable, disconnected, or service is unavailable. Once any phone continuity issues have been resolved, calls will automatically route back tor your office phone. Business Continuity is a user-level feature. It is also available on Hunt Groups. To learn more about Business Continuity, go here. To learn more about Hunt Groups, go here.

  • How do I enable and disable the Do Not Disturb feature?

    Do Not Disturb enables you to send all calls directly to voicemail. When this feature is enabled, your phone will not ring. You can activate this feature by pressing the DND softkey on the device or turning the feature on/off within the Calling User Portal. Go here to learn how.

  • How do I configure Office Anywhere?

    Office Anywhere is configured per user in the Calling User Portal. Click Call Settings. On the Incoming Calls tab, enable the Office Anywhere feature to expand settings. Go here to learn how to configure all available settings.

  • How do I use the Hoteling feature?

    Once configured by the administrator, the user will have a Hoteling option in the Calling User Portal. This allows them to sign in as a guest on the phone. For more information, as an administrator, go here. For more information, as a user, go here.

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